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ClassIc Private University

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70Б, Zhukovskogo str.,  69002 Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

Classic Private University (CPU) was founded in 1992 at the time of first years of independence of Ukraine and during last years it became the most developed private Institution of Higher Education in Zaporizhzhya region.

Mission of CPU: organization of teaching, educational and scientific activities based on the principles of humanism and democracy aimed to bring up healthy and highly professional new generation of qualified specialists – citizens of Ukraine, who will be responsible for the fate of society and state.

The founder of the University is Rector Victor N. Ogarenko, Professor, Doctor Degree in Public Administration.

CPU obtained the 4th (the highest) level of accreditation in 2005 and is subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

In order to create "Secondary School - University" system of multilevel education (starting from secondary school), Scientific - Educational Complex (SEC) was established by CPU. It includes 8 Institutions of Higher Education of III-IV level of accreditation, 19 Institutions of Higher Educational of I-II levels of accreditation (colleges), 115 elementary schools of Zaporizhzhya and Kherson Regions, Crimea.
The organization structure of the University consists of educational-scientific Institutes: Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication; Law Institute; Institute of Distance Learning; Institute of Foreign Languages; Institute of Health, Sports and Tourism; Institute of Economics, Institute of Management, Institute of Informational and Social Technologies.

The academic curriculum at CPU also is provided by 8 scientific-research institutes and centers:  Scientific and Research Institute of State Government and  Municipal Problems; International Scientific and Methodical English Study Center; System Analysis Scientific and Research Center; "Healthy way of life" Center; Computer Crime Research Center; Laboratory of intensive technologies and hardware’s; Law Club  "Young Scientists"; Biomedical Electronic Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Devices Center for Scientific Research; Shakespeare's  Resource Center; Center for the talented youth of the City (created in 2008).

The basis of the University’s philosophy is highly qualified staff of professors and tutors. The most important component of academic life at the University is the faculties commitment to teaching.

The academic curriculum on all specialties approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The teaching process is built on the combination of traditional and innovative methods. Theory always goes together with practice, training and internship.

Those involved into teaching at CPU: 69 Professors, Doctors of Sciences; 201 Associate Professors, Candidates of Sciences; 76 teachers (among them 3 Academicians of the Academy of Sciences of Higher School of Ukraine, Honored Professor in Science and Techniques of Ukraine, 4 Honored Professors in Law, Honored Professor in the field of Education, 7 Academicians of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine). Olympic champions are also teaching at the University.

More than fourteen thousand students study at the University in 2009 (Bachelor, Specialist and Master degrees) on more than 30 specialties: International Economics; Finance; Economic Cybernetics; Auditing and Accounting; Economics of Enterprises; Banking; Marketing; Economic Statistics; International Management; Administrative Management; Hotel Business; Tourism; Physical Training; Physical Rehabilitation; Law; International Law; Language and Literature (English, German); Translation (English and second foreign language); Publishing and Editing; Journalism; Literature and Creativity; System Analysis and Management; Management of Organizations; Automated systems software; Social Science; Computer Science; Psychology; Physical and Biomedical Electronics; Land utilization and Cadastre; Institutions of Higher Education Management; Applied Economics; Pedagogic of Higher Education Institutions.

All the students are allowed to get two specialties at the same time. Master Degree Programs are available on majority of the specialties.
CPU offers to the students up-to-date facilities: specialized laboratories, computer and multimedia classes, language study laboratory, library, reading-rooms, mini-typography, tv-radio laboratory, educational and health center on the coast of Azov sea, sport complex: a stadium, swimming-pool, gymnasium, aerobics gymnasiums.

Those students, who want to show and realize their talents, can attend art-studio, vocal studio, of brake-dance team, sport section.
All the extracurricular activities held at the University serve for the raising of students' culture level.

At the CPU the special social program has been elaborated and today is in use for the financial assistance to talented youth. According to this program about 97 percent of students pay reduced tuition fees for study at CPU and for 15 percent of them are studying on free of charge basis.

CPU provides postgraduate programs on the following 15 specialties: Physics of Solid Body; Mathematical Modeling and Methods of Calculation; Project Management and Production Development; History of Ukraine; Finance and Credit; Economics, Organization and Management of Enterprises; Criminal Process and law; Law expertise; Subject Sociology; State Administration Mechanisms; Germanic Languages; Ukrainian literature; Foreign countries' Literature; Economic Law; Journalism; Economic and Mathematical Modeling.

Doctoral Degrees are available on 6 specialties: State Government Mechanisms; Economy, Organization and Management of Enterprises; Physics of Solid Body, others.

There are successfully functioning at CPU  Specialized Scientific Councils on the defense of the dissertations for the obtaining of scientific degrees of Candidate and Doctor of Science on such scientific fields: Economics and Enterprises Management (Mechanical Engineering), Mathematical Methods, Information Technologies in Economics, Theory and History of Sociology, State Government Mechanisms, Administrative Law, Financial Law, Criminal Law and Criminology,  others.

The University's infrastructure (student campus in the historical center of the City) nowadays is represented by the main comfortable 6- storied buildings including 2 new buildings of Health, Sports and Tourism Institute and Law Institute; sports complex; Hotel for students.  The students' Church (temple) on campus territory is now under the construction.

On the campus territory CPU has founded an Elementary School (4-storied building) for children from the 1st to 4th year of secondary education, equipped with modern facilities.

The University publishes such periodical editions: scientific journal "Complex Systems and Process"; scientific-industrial journal "State and Regions", which has 4 series: "Law", "Economics and Business, "State Government", "The Humanities"; international series of the advanced studies between Ukrainian Universities "Social technologies"; journal of the intercollegiate scientific conferences "Science and Higher Education", Analytical-Information Bulletin on the International relations, others.

International activities of CPU are in the progress since 2005.

University has established 14 bilateral relations with scientific institutions in Poland (Higher School of Marketing and Foreign Language in Katowice, Mining and Smelting Academy in Krakow, University in Rzeszowski, Politechnika Rzeszowska, University in Warsaw); in China (Pedagogical University in Chongqing); in South Korea (Hansey University); in Belarus (Mogilev State University); in Russia (Belgorod University and Pskov Law Institute), in Norway (School of Management of Bode University), in Germany (Zittau-Horlitz University of Applied Sciences, Magdeburg); in Turkey (School of Tourism and Hotel Management of Mediterranean University, Antalya), others.

In 2008 the University became a member of the International Association of Universities. In 2010 Classic Private University signed Magna Charta Universitetum.

Today the University is in a search of new partnership and is open to collaboration with foreign partners in the fields of education, team-work on the conducting of scientific investigations, exchanges for the university faculties and students and other directions of international cooperation.